Motorcycle Live offers from BikeTrac

Thank you for entering our competition as part of this year’s Motorcycle Live Online 2020.

As you entered the competition and indicated you were happy to hear more from us, we are pleased to bring you some offers on both our tracking technology and our HARD Security range.

BikeTrac is the longest dedicated motorcycle tracking device on the market, having been available now for over a decade. Because of this experience, key brands put their trust in us, with endorsements from Ducati and Kawasaki, all backed up by industry leading recovery figures, along with many glowing customer testimonials too.

As you may be aware, to make tracking technology even more accessible we offer 0% financing on our tracking device, not only spreading the cost of the unit itself, but even installation and the subscription. From just £39 per month you can protect your pride and joy 24/7, 365 days a year.

As well as this great offer on our tracking technology, we’re also pleased to offer you £20 off items from our HARD Security range, featuring our truly portable Grab Bag & Chain (available in two lengths) as well our Ground Anchors too. As we often advise, truly effective security should be layered, so we always advise on using more than one security device.

To find out more and to take advantage of this special offer on the HARD Security range, please visit using the Code – MCLive2020.

For more information and advice on security, please visit our website at or to follow our work, follow us on facebook – @BikeTrac

Thank you for your interest,

The BikeTrac Team.