BikeTrac featured on BBC Frontline Fightback TV show

Leading motorcycle tracking security experts, BikeTrac, are proud to have played a part in highlighting the issues surrounding motorcycle theft, as part of the BBC’s Frontline Fightback TV series.

In episode nine of the second series of the popular daytime TV show, the threat of motorcycle theft was covered, featuring a young rider from Southport in Merseyside, who had the misfortune of having his KTM Duke 125 stolen, but sadly without a tracker fitted.

Highlighting the perils of motorcycle theft, but also the power of social media, the owner was lucky to be reunited with his KTM, but went on to explain his subsequent decision to buy a tracking device.

Featuring BikeTrac’s Bill Taylor, the episode then went on to show how tracking technology works, before attending a suspected theft location with Bill to see BikeTrac in action.

Bill Taylor commented, “The theft featured with us in the BBC show, was of a Husqvarna 701 that had been stolen from Fulham and had been missing for 24 hours. That’s actually an unusually long period of time for a bike to be missing for us, but the thieves had driven the stolen bike around in a van, so we had to wait for the signal to come to a rest. When we did, we went down and deployed our Radio Frequency technology, using the signal to check several vans in a carpark, until it led us to the offending silver Ford Transit, with the Husqvarna 701 hidden within.”

With such detailed coverage, the BBC one show was able to highlight both the threats of bike theft, but also educate viewers on the best practices to keep bikes safe.

Taylor continued, “We’re very proud to be asked to feature in this TV show, but most importantly it’s a great educational piece for viewers with scooters or motorcycles. As we always suggest, bike security should be a layered approach, and while we have obvious confidence in our own technology, we always suggest that owners lock their bikes securely and try to minimise exposure to potential thieves.”

For those interested in watching the Frontline Fightback episode that features BikeTrac, it can be found on on BBC iPlayer here:

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